Terrorism In Criminal Justice

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Australia’s criminal justice system is equipped to handle terrorism, but there is doubt on the effectiveness of the actions taken. Though the nation is relatively peaceful and mostly inactive in regards to politically motivated violence, there is enough demand for responses towards past events that there has been implementation of legislation to protect the public. Whether or not the measures taken by the system is successful in its objective to achieve justice and prevent further such incidences remains to be determined through an examination of contemporary cases. This essay has scrutinized the Endeavour Hills Stabbing (2014) and the Sydney Siege (2015) to conclude that the processes and responses currently appointed to deal with terrorism …show more content…
Nevertheless, it did come to reveal the capability of the public to be compassionate. On the 15th of December 2014, Man Haron Monis held 18 hostage in a Lindt Chocolate Café, Martin Place, Sydney. After a 16-hour standoff, a gunshot prompted officers to storm the café where a Monis was killed. A hostage was killed by Monis, another was killed by a police bullet ricochet and three other hostages as well as a police officer were injured by police gunfire during the raid. This prompts the question of whether the force which had been wielded was merited, and answers were expected from the inquest that followed, as it is mandatory whenever death occurred during a police operation. However, although the report covered Monis’ past dealings with the government, his access to firearms, etc.; it did not cover controversial police actions during the siege, such as the nature of the negotiations – in which a request to speak to Prime Minister Tony Abbott was refused - or the final assault when multiple hostages were injured as a result of the gunfire and the death of Monis occurred. Despite this blunder, legislation was implemented to ensure that those under a terrorism control order, or who had previously been convicted of being a member of a terrorist organization, would be denied bail in all but the extraordinary of cases. In addition, new firearm laws were employed to target criminals using illegal firearms to commit violent crimes . Once again taking advantage of the fear the events had caused, the Abbott government passed laws which would have otherwise failed to at another time. Non-legal responses took on a compassionate approach as thousands of people visited the site to pay tribute to the victim – tributes that developed into a field of flowers. Several other locations also took on this form of homage, and many

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