Essay on Terraforming Of Mars : The Exploration Of Space

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Terraforming of Mars
Humans have been interested in space for centuries, and the exploration of other space has been the forefront of space programs in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. With current technology, the next step in space exploration will not only be humans landing and setting foot on Mars, but colonizing and living there. However, Mars is clearly not a habitable or friendly environment for mankind, with many problems. Some of these problems include, Mars having 38% the gravity of earth; Mars having 1% the atmospheric pressure of Earth; and lack of a magnetosphere, making it very susceptible to space weather.
This leads to the idea and problem of terraforming Mars, and making it an environment where humans can survive unassisted by technology, and possibly even eventually flourish. Be that as it may, it is debatable whether it is our right and if it is ethical to transform another planet to fit our desires. This problem is relevant to many stakeholders, such as the scientists and engineers working to make this happen, the preservationists trying to preserve the Martian environment, humanity if we ever needed to expand to another planet, and to the potential Martian lifeforms that are yet to be discovered. Although these other planets such as Mars may or may not contain life or anything worth preserving, which we should preserve if it exists, it is not our right to play god to these planets, and them to fit our own uses.

Background There has been interest…

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