Terracotta Army Essay

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Focus Question 1: What is the Terracotta Army and when and where was it discovered?
Source 1:
Rosenburg, J. (2015). Terracotta Army Discovered in China. Retrieved from http://history1900s.about.com/od/1970s/qt/terracottaarmy.htm
• 1974, life-sized terracotta army was found near Lintong, Xian, Shaanxi, China
• buried in underground pits, 8000 terracotta soldiers and horses were part of the necropolis of Qin Shihuangdi, the first emperor of China
• purpose of the statues were to aid him in the afterlife
• The discovery is one of the most important archaeological finds in the 20th century
• 1974, 3 farmers found terracotta pottery shards whilst drilling holes to find water to dig wells
• what they found instead was a life-sized Terracotta
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Source 1:
Michaels, G. (2014). Tomb of 100 rivers of mercury at the Terracotta Warriors? Retrieved from http://www.thebestquest.com/undiscovered-tomb-100-rivers-mercury-terracotta-warriors-2/
• Sima Qian is an ancient Chinese historian and in his writing it read, “Mercury was used to simulate the hundred rivers, the Yangtze and Yellow River, and the great sea, and set to flow mechanically” which is written about the First emperor’s tomb
• Sima Qian also said the ceiling was decorated with heavenly bodies and the ground modelled after the regional geography
• the Chinese had hesitated to open the tomb knowing that it had been booby trapped
• probes were sent into the tomb that determined that Siam Qian’s writing could be true as the mercury levels 100 times the normal level
• the tomb is thought to be a soccer field in size
• pyramid shaped mountain at the foot at Mount Li said by Sima Qian that it would would be rich in gold at the north side and rich in jade in the south
• past the “rigged crossbows” there are palaces, scenic towers, “treasures” and “rare
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By Michaels, G, reveals information that concerns the ancient Chinese historian, Sima Qian’s writing. Michaels goes in depth about the contents of Sima Qian’s writing that may actually be true said from mercury tests in the tomb. This information is relevant and necessary to show how historians are able to help to help excavators and archaeologist obtain a greater understanding of the site. Michaels writing was posted on The Best Quest website which is an adventure travel company that specializes in unique trips for curious travelers. There is no information about the writer so this source may not be completely credible but still contains useful information that may corroborate with other

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