Tennis Therapeutic Analysis

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Tennis is a spring sport at this school. The action plan would start in the fall a few weeks after the students had settled down with their academics. During the month of September, the team could start their off-season practice schedule with includes a strength and conditioning program designed for tennis players and a nutrition plan to feed their energy and muscular energy systems. During the month of October, I would recommend a meeting to discuss basic sport psychology to include the coach’s philosophy, communication, goal setting, and mental skill training. I would review each individual’s process and performance goals. If they didn’t have any developed from previous years, I would introduce this topic in the next meeting so that …show more content…
Cue words would be discovered and utilized to trigger automatic responses or executions and would be focused on aspects and techniques for countering any negative thoughts about being inferior.

The self-talk scrip would be created since it the best way to program positive self-talk. The use of the Smart-Talk Script Development Form along with the Self-Talk Log would be used to create the script. The script would be highly specific and directed with a purpose of trying to block out any thoughts about the other schools through the use of vivid language, famous quotes, song lyrics, and specific goals and achievements for each team member. It would also need to be specific enough to trigger images that would supplement any imagery training that we would have already accomplished.

Using the development form, we would identify specific thought for each situation where a thought comes to mind about being inferior. And, then arrange them in the proper order to be the most for keeping their confidence high to dispute the inferiority complexes.. The flow would strengthen the impact and would include a catchy introduction and a powerful conclusion that could drive their emotional state and arousal to the most effective
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Finally, the 3 Ds of the Reframing of Negative Thinking technique would be used to detect negative, unproductive or irrational thinking related to the bigger team. Once they were aware of any thoughts about those teams, those negative thought would be disrupted in a quick process to replace them with constructive thoughts. The final step would be disputing any negative thinking with counterarguments that promote problem solving, thus eliminating the threat of feeling inferior around the bigger teams.
Implementation phase
This is the last phase and includes monitoring to adjust the script or imagery, as required, to improve performance. The self-talk log would be used primarily to track all progress.
This phase also includes advance self-talk and programming and imagery practice. If the outcome of all the processes and performance goals does not produced a master-oriented, growth mindset athlete who routinely thinks productive, positive thoughts about themselves to enhance self-confidence and improve focus, then I will conduct another acquisition phase to pinpoint any areas that need

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