Television 's Impact On Politics Essay

1150 Words Dec 29th, 2014 null Page
Television has had a profound and wide-ranging effect on American politics because it plays a central part in the political process, particularly in shaping presidential debates, campaign and election. The impact of television, however, is not worthy of admiration or approval by the majority of American voters. Television has had a negative impact on presidential elections; it has caused its viewers to focus more on the candidates’ image and has diverted their attentions from the real issues of the political world. Television has manipulated the people’s views of their political leaders, prompting them to cast their votes based on the superficiality of the presidential candidates. Most devastating of all, as a result of its lust for the largest possible audience, television has usurped the power attributed to political leaders and has exploited this power to its own benefits. Television, because of its minimal involvement in the real issues of national politics, has caused “national politics to become a competition for images or between images, rather than between ideals” (Source C). Political candidates, who may be next in line for the most power-holding profession in the nation, are more concerned about their image and charismatic performance within society. The chance that a candidate would be voted for as president is heavily reliant on his physical outlook and composition. For example, in the presidential debate between Nixon and Kennedy, “Nixon’s…

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