Television : The Greatest Source Of Entertainment Essay

1521 Words Apr 22nd, 2015 null Page
On my brothers way down to the dinner table he tripped and fell down the stairs. I began to chuckle as I saw his body now lying of the floor. To my defense I was not the only one who found his actions comical. I was accompanied by the giggles of my family. Fortunately, my brother was not badly injured and soon chimed in with the laughter. This incident made me recognize how people find amusement in the mistakes of others. The same concept can be applied to the entertainment that comes from watching reality TV. Reality TV shows display the actions of other individuals regardless of how absurd they may be, and in return the viewer finds pleasure. People are often drawn into the life of others, lives in which may appear more exciting than the viewer’s normal, everyday life. Such easy access into the lives of others makes reality TV such a success. However, the actions of these individuals may not be the most beneficial to the viewer. Television has become the one of the greatest sources of entertainment. In specific, reality television has become a well-recognized guilty pleasure among Americans. Americans have become desensitized to the absurdity of these shows and now cannot even put the remote down. Although reality TV shows provide entertainment, they spotlight corrupt behavior, distort perception of reality, and depict the classlessness of the modern American culture. Networks hungry for viewers will present anything for ratings, even if it means displaying…

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