Television Show : A Professor At The Chicago Lake Michigan University

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The television show I will be discussing in this paper is Perception. The main character in this television show is a professor at the Chicago Lake Michigan University. The professor is an expert consultant and uses his mental illness to assist the FBI on some of their most complex cases. His mental illness enables the professor to pick up on subtle clues in solving these crimes. The FBI Agent that the main character consults for on these cases is a former student of the professors.
The main character, Daniel Pierce is a neuroscience professor with a M.D. and a PH.D. Pierce’s interest in neuroscience derives from his own long history of paranoid schizophrenia. With a keen perception into human behavior he uses subtle clues to help Kate Moretti, the FBI agent to solve crimes. Daniel Pierce spent a stint in a psychiatric hospital and this is where he meets Max Lewicki an orderly that worked at the hospital. Pierce refuses to take his medication for his disorder and this is why he offered Lewicki a job as a teaching assistant. Pierce and Lewicki both live in the professor’s home. Lewicki’s main job is to help the professor differentiate from real people and his schizophrenia induced hallucinations. Lewicki catches the professor on numerous occasions having hallucinations.
Diagnostic Impressions Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by a person’s abnormal patterns of thought and perception. It is a psychotic disorder, that is, a mental state in which the…

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