Television Is Not Recommended For Children Under The Age Of Three

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In todays, fast paced world people tend to be more rushed with less time to get things done after getting home from a long day of work. There are so many things to get done like laundry, cleaning, paying bills or cooking dinner for the family. With all of these things to get done it is easy to set a small child in front of the television while accomplishing all of these tasks. A lot of parents feel they are helping their child by turning on an educational program designed to teach baby how to count or learn their ABC’s. Recent studies have shown however, that television is not recommended for children under the age of three. It could be the cause of language delays, lack of social skills and shortened attention spans later. (Mistry) Babies need singing, playing, and exploring to sharpen their motor skills. A simple task is more likely to be remembered by a small child by live demonstration rather than being shown how to do the same task on a video. Telivision takes away from a child creative play, by thinking for the child instead of the child creating a world from their own minds. In houses with small children most households have a television running most of the time, creating television exposure through background noise contributing nothing to a childs learning time and distracting from a child’s creative play. While a child may learn from children’s programming they learn more by exploring everything around them Being outside or building a tower out of blocks will help…

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