Television Is Harmful For Young People Essay

1970 Words Dec 8th, 2014 8 Pages
Too many children today live for television. If it were up to us we would sit in our rooms all day watching Netflix. Television is addicting and takes our attention away from what is important. Television companies add hangers to keep the audience interested in their show. You have to gain the strength to grab the remote and turn the TV off in order to get your work done. Watching too much television is harmful for young people because it distracts from homework and reading, decreases physical activity, and promotes anti-social behavior. I know from personal experience that television is distracting when it comes to getting homework done or finishing a reading assignment. When I am babysitting I always seem to have to fight with the kids to do their homework because they want to watch their “favorite television show.” One show turns into multiple episodes and at the point the child and I are both frustrated. I like to have all of their assignments completed by the time their parents get home, but the child likes to relax and put it off until her parents get home. After sitting down with Katelyn and her parents we were able to come to an agreement that as long as her homework is done she can watch TV, but of course that agreement does not last long. Katelyn is the kind of kid that likes to come home after a long day at school and lay on the couch with her cat. She will give one hundred reasons why she doesn’t want to do homework, and a handful of those reasons…

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