Television Is Becoming A Part Of A Social Reality Essay

1370 Words Oct 5th, 2015 null Page
The world of television was once a way of entertainment for families to sit down and watch together as well as a way to be informed. Since then the definition of television has brought a change, especially in todays culture where entertainment now means watching reality shows peoples’ lives. The culture of television is focusing on reality television making it a huge part becoming the center of socialization. It is becoming clear that over time television is becoming a part of a social reality. The power of television has created a different reality that more so women want to live in adapting new attitudes in order to feel accepted. The representation of a woman changed during television shows through out time. Television continues to influence the way women are being portrayed through the attitudes, beliefs, self image, and behavior this diffusion between culture and reality television. A reality television show will create this significance on the suspenseful drama of a brand new show airing that it makes women want to get the scoop. It is very interesting to evaluate the reality show “Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas” through the way this show introduced that option of savior for couples in need of repairing the rocky marriage. The style of the show was less about the couple and more about who could shine the most. The target audience is directed towards women who previously watched bridezillas and now is intrigued to join the spinoff show “Marriage Boot Camp:…

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