Television: Do Police Prosecute Innocent People?

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Do police prosecute innocent people?
How would you feel about being put away for 18 years for something you didn’t do?
Steven Avery is apparently a truly, innocent, innocent man; according to the television program: “Making a Murderer.” I believe this isn’t the truth. The Television series is extremely well made and truly makes the viewer believe he’s not guilty. I went back and watched the series a second time and looked at the details a little closer. Being the detective I am, I discovered in the first episode… spoiler alert! He inhumanely tortured a cat, was involved in three burglaries and to top it off, he pulled an unloaded gun out and aimed it at his own family, his cousin! Wow! And
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It took me a while to get into it at first because it starts off slow but once I was half way through it I was intrigued to know what else was going to happen.(ill give them that) At first I believed Avery was innocent but now I don’t. The series is very biased in Avery’s favour. We don’t really get to see much of the police’s good side. Any viewer is automatically going to take his side because of the clever way they put the series together, playing on all the naïve viewers emotions. The series leaves out a lot of evidence, for example: the interview with his ex-girlfriend, Jodi Stokowski. They also left out how Halbach had told her boss a few days before she went to Avery’s property, she didn’t want to go back because she was “creeped out” after speaking with him. I think this says it all really.
Even One of Steven Avery’s lawyers (Dean Strang) said, “I really hope Steven is guilty, because the thought of an innocent man in jail for something he didn’t do, is TERIFYING.” This just shows us, even Steven’s own lawyer doesn’t know the truth! He’s just taking Stevens word for it because he’s getting paid a lot from the money.
The Effect and Why I Still Think he is in

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