Essay on Television And Its Effects On Television

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With all of the violence shown on television today during entertainment programming such as dramas, it’s not surprising that people do not feel as safe as they once did about the society in which they live. It has been argued by many that the coverage of violence on television, has been dominated by storylines revolving around criminal behavior. This dominance or monopoly on the storylines of American television shows has been around for decades. Countless types of television programs have dealt with such topics. There have been numerous crime shows, mysteries, cop/detective shows, and courtroom shows that have become clichés on the small screen due to their frequent appearances on television. The ideas have long been overused, and the material ranging from show to show has not really changed. Every show seems to start off with some heinous crime being committed (such as murder, rape, robbery, or other acts of brutality), followed by the act being discovered by the protagonists. The protagonists then investigate the story or clues that ultimately lead to the perpetrator, and justice eventually prevails. Other than the messages at the end of each episode that usually consist of something along the lines of “good triumphs over evil” or “justice prevails”, these storylines do very little to benefit the general audiences they are reaching.
On the contrary, these types of storylines are actually harming audiences of all ages. These storylines give inaccurate portrayals of the…

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