Summary Of American Crime

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Season two of American Crime is an incredible example of multiple on going issues that repeatedly occur in the U.S. These recurring themes provide answers as to how and why crime and diversity continue to exist in our society. In my opinion, all individuals that are identified as being part of an “in-group” or an “out-group” could empathize with one thing or another in this text because it has managed to capture multiple different subcultures and stereotypes that communities are faced with on a daily basis. Therefore, it is hard to imagine a person from any group not finding at least one circumstance to sympathize with. The creators of this show also exemplify intersectionality by providing familiar biases and unique disadvantages or flaws …show more content…
Additionally, it was brought to my attention that Americans in this show strived to either succeed, maintain control, protect and bring justice to others, or obtain some sense of self purpose and belonging. By doing so they end up destroy the lives of the people around them. American Crime does its work by combining complicated issues within diverging social classes, races, sexualities, and genders and applying them to realistic situations or reactions. Finally, ABC’s television series opened my eyes to multiple issues in America and also made me more empathetic to different types of people as a …show more content…
By covering topics such as homosexuality and rape they managed to get the viewers’ attention regarding the effects of abuse in today 's society. Eric attempted suicide in episode four instead of coming out and feeling like people would support the true person he is. Coming out as a gay male in high school resulted in him being disowned within his family and used for positive publicity. He was even more confused and uncomfortable after than when he was still in the closet. He retaliated out of fear in ways that shamed other homosexuals for being openly gay and again, is counterproductive to achieving peace for his own community. Similarly, reporting a sexual assault also wreaked havoc for characters like Taylor and Evy. Taylor was victimized over and over again verbally, physically, and emotionally without any form of justice being in his favor. When they investigated and interrogated the issue in episode five, they questioned everyone like they already knew he was lying. Evy’s case, on the other hand, resulted in a physical altercation between two boys that spiraled out of control and so her accusations weren 't even a priority to the situation. People in America are abused every single day and then later persecuted for things that happened out of their control. This fact, among other sensitive topics, are exemplified so perfectly into this storyline. (Ridley,

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