Television and Education Essay

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UGC's use of Television for Education

For over two decades University Grants Commission (UGC) of India has been using television for higher education. In 1984 UGC launched “UGC Countrywide Classroom” on Doordarshan –the National Network of Television in India. Specially designed educational television programs, either imported or locally produced, were telecast for the benefit of undergraduate and post graduate students across the country. The need for using television for higher education was necessitated due to enormous growth in student population in higher education and increase in number of higher educational institutions in the country but there was not enough matching growth in terms of proper infrastructure and
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For better co-ordination among the media centers and to take the educational television to newer and more meaningful heights with cooperative planning, involving universities and academics, the UGC in 1993 constituted an interuniversity “Consortium for Educational Communication” (CEC). The consortium is the apex body for management of production and dissemination of ETV programs. It also maintains a video tape library of the programs produced by the media centers, by now the number of these programs has crossed 15,000, with around 1000 fresh programs added every year. The library is now on path to full digitalization. The complete digitalization of video programs is aimed at creation of a virtual video library for retrieval by students through internet. Owing to various reasons the viewership of CWCR did not show much increase it marginally grew from 21.29 million in 1993 to 22 million in 1997. At the peak of its popularity the CWCR on Doordarshan enjoyed a viewership of 20 million people. The in house research conducted by CEC and some independent researchers show that the UGC Countrywide Classroom programs remain underutilized for a variety of reasons. In 2004 the University Grants Commission (UGC) launched a 24 hour satellite television Channel called VYAS –the higher educational channel of UGC. Again the research suggests that the channel remains underutilized as it is not being carried by the cable operators nor

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