Teeth Whitening For A Dental Office Essay

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For several years, a debate about teeth whitening has developed for consumers who want to brighten their smiles. Since the 1990s, new technology has offered consumers many options to brighten their smiles. There are many options to whiten teeth ranging from over the counter kits, teeth whitening done in salons, spas and kiosks to professional dental procedures done in dental offices under the supervision of a dentist. There are many important factors to consider. People say that teeth whitening is okay to practice outside of a dental office but others state that it is the practicing of unlicensed dentistry. Getting teeth whitening services done in a dental office would be safer because the dentist would be more prepared and know what he/she is doing more than a non licensed teeth whitener. New York should have tough laws ruling that teeth whitening Mary Otto, author of "Understanding the Legal Battles over Teeth -Whitening" explains that a group of non dentists who provide teeth whitening services is headed for the U.S. Supreme court to decide the struggle of whether or not non- dentists should be allowed to bleach teeth. Ms. Otto states that twenty- five states have attempted to take steps to shut down the establishments that provide teeth whitening in non- dental office areas. Fourteen U.S. states have changed their laws and regulations and now have banned all (except for licensed dentists, hygienists, and assistants) from performing teeth whitening procedures on a…

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