Teenage Wasteland By Anne Tyler Essay

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In “Teenage Wasteland” by Anne Tyler published in Seventeen, Tyler paints a picture of the life of a boy named Donny. The author begins this short story by describing Donny as an innocent child. The story then goes on to describe Donny’s spiraling behavior, and how he is now being forced to meet with a tutor who asked to be called Cal. After some time, Donny is expelled from his school, and Daisy decides to stop the tutoring sessions and enrolls Donny into a public school. A couple months after his enrollment, Donny vanishes and leaves Daisy to mull over his life. Although “Teenage Wasteland” seems to be merely a short story, Tyler gives many different minute details that uncover the true meaning of the text. While Donny, Tyler 's protagonist of "Teenage Wasteland,” begins life as an innocent and sweet-natured child, the boy 's self-destructive behavior and family dysfunction cause his downward spiral. Understanding an author often helps to understand why he or she writes the way that he or she does. It is important to have background knowledge of the author’s life because sometimes authors reflect some of their own lives into what they write. The author of “Teenage Wasteland,” Anne Tyler, was born in the fall of 1941 in Minnesota. She spent her early years living in various Quaker communities and was homeschooled during this time. Tyler was finally enrolled in public school when she was eleven-years-old; however, she quickly found herself enrolled in college at Duke…

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