Teen Suicide: The Different Cases Of Teenage Suicide

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Suicide has been taking life of people since the dawn of time. Few people have actually attempted, witnessed, or knew someone who committed suicide. More cases are being discovered every day, especially in the youth. During a juvenile delinquency class I had the opportunity to watch a film about a few different cases of teenage suicide victims, which opened my mind to how serious different mental illness can be. Which is why I want to share an overview of suicide, give some interesting suicide facts, and as well as give a brief description of a few cases seen in the film.
Suicide is the killing of one self. It is an ugly but truthful thing in the world. Some teens have different situations that put them in a more likely position to commit suicide. Some of the main contributors to suicide are troubles with in a family, friends, and social life. In today’s society and possibly in the past there is a need to fit in or feel important amongst your peers. When teens start to get left out of social groups they start to feel hopelessness which leads to depression and eventually may lead to suicide. The teen years can be filled with many uncertainties as well as
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The annual number of youth suicide each year is 4600. Teens are found to most likely use firearms to commit suicide with 45 percent of that average, but suffocation is close behind with 40 percent. A lot of times teens are unable to finish the job or they just cause self-inflicted injuries. Over 157,000 teens are hospitalized for either failure to commit or just for the sake of hurting themselves. Another known fact of teen suicide is that men are more likely to commit suicide then woman are. Also, males are four more times likely to die from suicide than females. However, female teens are more likely to attempt suicide, but are unable to go through with it. The way females tend to attempt suicide is through pills. They are 5 times more likely over

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