Teen Suicide Is The Third Leading Cause Death Among Young People

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Teen Suicide

In the United States, “Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year, according to the CDC” (“Bullying”). That many deaths per year are too many for adolescences under the age of 18 years old because the majority of them are still in school and under the care and supervision of their parents. Unfortunately, this number of deaths will continue to increase unless something changes and soon. Presently, teen suicide is a sore subject for most people, especially parents. Usually parents die first, not their children. Unfortunately, for too many families, that’s how it happens. Now is the time to figure out effective ways to prevent teen suicide from happening to more families. First, everyone needs to understand the underlining causes of teen suicide. Identifying specifics will aid in determining ways of preventing additional teen suicides. Parents, teachers, and school officials need to recognize mental health issues. In order for this to occur, local government needs to provide better programs for the community to raise awareness for at-risk students. Immediately, they need to be better prepared about what to watch for, and how to approach a possibly at risk teen. Then learn the best way to help a suicidal teen. There are many ways to treat a child, but are they actually effective? When anyone hears about another teen who has committed suicide, it breaks their heart. In short, it is time to…

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