Teen Sexting Arguments

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Blyther, Keishara
English 3 honors
Sexting teens Shouldn’t be charged as sex offenders Although sexting is out of line you can take countless actions rather than trying to apprehend them and charge them as sex offenders. It's right to be illegal, but they shouldn’t be charged as sex offenders. Simply because teens make deranged decisions constantly, although sexting is a deranged one it shouldn't go too far because that freedoms them education rights which is everyone's devoir to. This essay focuses upon the issue of teen sexting. Yes, sexting can ruin your life but it shouldn’t ruin your life in 20yrs. Sexting is a teens poor judgement someone
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You should either wait until you are that age or don't do it at all because you need your education and if you're convicted for sexting then all your education dreams are gone. Simply because you can't be around students if you are charged as a sex offender . a survey was taken a year ago and former sexting teens and their parents felt like young kids can't handle photos in a high manner (put a hold on sexting) New York Times. Some say if you don't you sext don't go to jail you won't be charged as a sex offender and you are good . Highly agreeable. For instance a 23 year old Amish man was sexting a 12 year old with graphic photos he sent her over 600 nude photos and videos and said he thought she was 13 not 12 and just wanted to have sex with her in his buggy. The 12 year old finally told her parents and they contacted the police. When the man arrived at the little girl house in his buggy the cops were there waiting on him. That's a real sex offender he knew her age and still didn't care she was a child (news reports). The point is when teens sext some of them don’t mean any harm so no they shouldn't be charged as sex offenders ( Jefferson county district attorney's office), is warning parents about apps that are hiding sexting from them such as text plus and text free. Parent's need to know about these apps simply because they can stop it before it happen. Although Parents think that checking their child's phone is invading their privacy. Parents should check their child's phone daily for hidden apps to prevent their child from going to jail and even being charged as a sex offender. just always

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