Teen Pregnancy Should Be Made By A Mistake Essay

1417 Words May 29th, 2015 6 Pages
Teen pregnancy can be made by a mistake and I believe every teen that ends up pregnant should not be talked bad about and deserves another chance. I also believe that no one should judge a teen that has a child because they deserve to enjoy their blessing mistake or not. Teens are steady getting pregnant, even if it is a mistake it’s still their fault for putting their self in that situation. Though many teens’ pregnancies are accidents or mistakes, teens shouldn’t be judged for their mistakes. Most common in teenage life now days is pregnancy. Teenagers have the issue of becoming pregnant early in their lives. More issues can arise from having a child early in life. What teenagers have to realize about raising a kid is that they require both parents and money if the child is to live a happy and healthy life. I do not think that teenagers should have children early in life because, they still have to educate themselves, and live life at a young age. Once you have a child your young teenage days are over. Also most teens don’t have money to even provide for themselves, and without money to keep up with their self, they shoal can’t keep up with a child.
Teenagers have recently been pressured into things that are not healthy for their lives and could push them into growing up too fast. With this behavior they think that they are grown and know everything and they are ready for the real world. There are many ways to prevent pregnancy early on in life which are, abstinence,…

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