Teen Pregnancy Analysis Essay

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Teen Pregnancy
Jennifer Coetzee
July 8, 2013
Kerrie Kelly

Teen Pregnancy
Teen pregnancy has become an increasing problem over the years. Parents, teachers and teens alike all fear for the same thing, teen pregnancy. In several studies the question always remain the same what is the cause of teen pregnancy other than the obvious answer, why is this continuing to increase over the years. Parents always feel that they were not strict enough. Teachers feel that the teens are either rebellious or that they did something wrong with their teaching. Teens feel all sorts of things that adults do not always understand. The studies that will be discussed are focused on teens and what they feel the problem is that causes teens
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Another result of this study reviewed that most teen parents do not marry the father or mother of the baby and the ones that do end in divorce in most cases. Many teen parents will be single parents within the first two years of the child’s life. The end result also proves that teens will have higher risk pregnancies and premature, under nourished babies will be born for lack of knowledge of how to take care of a baby in the womb. Another result of this is because the teen mother’s body was not ready for the change of having a baby. Many health problems in the child and mother’s life results from this as well such as possible asthma in the baby and osteoporosis at an early age for the mother. There are many reasons found in these studies over a few weeks time that teens did not realize to be an issue. From the teens point of view the main issue that was found was that they are not aware of precautions from teen pregnancies and resources that are available to them such as free birth control from the local health department and teen counseling services to encourage practicing safe sex and abstinence as well as lack of information on how pregnancies happen. It has been proven from these studies that these discussion need to occur in middle school or even elementary school. This study showed more statistics that have been proven throughout the years. The end result also proves that teens will have higher risk pregnancies and premature, under nourished

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