Media Influence On Sexual Behavior

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The article I chose for my first article review is one that I found extremely interesting. No only does this journal article question the media influence of sexual behavior to teens but also questions the restrictions parents place on their child’s media viewing and the impact their friends have on the situation. We are not only dealing with the idea of teens alone choosing to watch sexual behavior on television or any other form of media, but we are also dealing with the idea they may rebel against their parents or influenced by their friends. This study was done with 14-15 year old teens from Scotland and they searched to find if, “Sexual media content and/or contextual factors (co-viewing, parental media restrictions) were associated with early sexual behavior.” One third of the teen participants (733 teens) reported to engaging in sexual intercourse; however, in a “multivariable analysis” the percent of teens that would engage in sexual intercourse is significantly lower with teens being restricted by parents in regards to the media but higher when teens are with …show more content…
They may not really access each step in the Behavioral Decision Theory. Many teens engage in activities that they do always think through. We learned that teens are also more prone to disease and accidents. That is one result of these teens engaging in early sexual intercourse situations. They often feel the rules do not apply to them and they can do whatever, whenever they want. Ultimately, the teen years are not easy for the teen or the parents; it is confusing for both. A parent has to find a healthy medium for both them and the teen. It may not be easy but it is important that the safety of the teen is withheld. Parents need to respect that teens are trying to find themselves physically and mentally during these years and do not have everything figured out; however the teens must know the parents are just looking out for the

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