Summary: The Effects Of Divorce On Teens

Divorce has become socially acceptable in today’s society, but it has caused many problems for several families everywhere. There are approximately “one million, two hundred fifty thousand divorces per year in the United States” (Matthews). Within those divorces taking place, “over one million children under age eighteen are involved” (Matthews). Divorce is not only difficult for many couples and families, but it is difficult for many teenagers as well. “Research suggests that children and teenagers of divorce are more likely to be more aggressive, more anxious, more withdrawn, less prosocial, and more depressed than their peers from intact families” (Kirby). Other major effects of divorce on teenagers may be relationship obstacles with a significant …show more content…
Teens may also think that there is one parent to blame for the divorce. “Some teenagers might not want contact with one parent because they feel angry and blame that parent for ‘causing’ the separation. They might think they need to support one or both parents, and feel resentful or overwhelmed by the responsibility”
(Pattenden). Relationships between other family members can also be very difficult for some teenagers. One parent might not want his or her teen to communicate or see the other parent or the family of that parent because they might influence them in some way. Not only may there be tension between the two parents in the divorce, but possibly tension between a new step-parent and the mother or father they are “replacing” in a new marriage.
Having a new step-father or step-mother can also be very difficult for several teenagers.
“Sometimes the transition is pretty easy. But many times, families have trouble adjusting to the new living arrangements, rules, and relationships” (“Living”). A new stepparent may cause tension in multiple relationships. The biological parent that the stepparent is “replacing” in the
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Sometimes, the teenager’s friends ask questions about the divorce, and this can be embarrassing because the teenager might not know all of the details as to why his or her parents got divorced. This makes it even more difficult to talk to her or his friends about family situations. Divorce may always be hard for teenagers to deal with especially if they think it is their fault.
Divorce affects teenagers in so many different ways. The way they will handle their future relationships, whether it be with their peers or the relationship with their parents, embarrassment with friends and family, or even accepting a “new parent” into their lives are all going to be affected somehow by the divorce of their parents. However, going through a parent’s divorce can also give them a different outlook on life and will teach them to deal with certain things differently than teenagers that do not have divorced

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