Technology 's Impact On Society Essay example

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Technology 's Impact on Society

Addictions come in all shapes and forms. Its the littlest things that we grow so attached to and it won 't take long until it becomes consuming. For decades, we have found an addictive problem and tried to fix it through the war on drugs. Despite government 's efforts, it is still an ongoing issue. In today 's society, the greatest problematic addiction we face is not drugs, but technology. Although technology would seem more like a solution rather than a problem since it allows quick communication, creates work efficiency, and a place to obtain or store information; every positive will have a negative. The negative effects technology has on today 's people is that they have become too reliant on its abilities, too distracted and takes away labor. These advanced devices have the potential to be the downfall of our society.

Technological advancement has changed the face of our current work production. It has created greater efficiency and the amount of products made. Before technology, everything was made by hand . "Many assembly lines, once considered the model of efficiency, have now been replaced or adapted to accommodate robotic devices, which can put together more products in less time" (Technology and Society). Henry Ford had created the assembly line during the production of cars. Through an assembly line, workers worked through workers ' specialization which was the most efficient way of production and job creation. However,…

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