Technology Is Too Dependent On Technology Essay example

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In today’s world, people have become too dependent on technology. People have been and will continue to be affected in many ways by the advancement of technology. People are learning to adapt to technology itself opposed to learning the actual process of doing things, personalities have changed, schools are being left behind, and the work place has changed. The ability to function without technology has become so common that using the brain to think is puzzling. A journal writer from News24 had a very interesting response to one of her post. The writer states how her brother-in-law responded to her post, which said, “We are becoming too dependent on computers. His response was “I disagree, computers make the brain smarter. Remember too that human brains invented and designed them [computers]”.In today 's society we have become too dependent on technology because it makes us think less and has replaced physical interaction on so many levels.
People are learning to adapt to technology, the actual device, opposed to the actual process and results. People depend on technology to store numbers, to calculate, to correct spelling, to communicate, etc. Majority of people cannot tell you their closest friend’s cell phone number off hand because it is stored in their cell phone. No need to know how to do simple addition and subtraction when there are calculators on cell phones. Face-to-face, communication is almost unheard of due to text, email, Facebook, etc. As a young woman…

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