Essay about Technology Has Lost The Practice Of Leisure

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For years theologians have argued that technology is leading to an overload of man’s mind; many people focus so much on their studies that they leave one of man’s most luxurious past-times: leisure. “The root problem, he claims, is that the culture has lost the practice of leisure. On the face of it, then, Pieper appears to be worrying that people are in danger of working themselves into a workaholic frenzy and at risk of losing their weekends, vacation and rerecreation time” (No Time to Think, David Levy, pg. 66). In the culture of today leisure is emphasized lowly due to technology; interruptions are common due to the internet, there is much more of an emphasis on our workload due to technology, and technology simply replaces many past-time activities. The first major idea is that in our world today an interruption can pop up through a messenger application, or a phone call; these distractions have varying time differences but can seriously set back our set goals. “In 2000, Gloria Mark was hired as a professor at the University of California at Irvine. She would spend her days in her lab, enjoying the sense of serene focus that comes from immersing yourself for hours at a time in a single project. But when her faculty job began, that all ended. Mark would arrive at her desk in the morning, full of energy and ready to tackle her to-do list - only to suffer an endless stream of interruptions. No sooner had she started one task than a colleague would e-mail her with an…

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