Technology Has Influenced The Way People Engage With Their Friends

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We are going to be discussing the claim that technology has played a decisive role in the development of psychological research. We will be looking at, the different ways in which advances in technology have influenced the ways in which we conduct psychological research and also consider alternative viewpoints regarding the role of technology in psychology. First, we will be looking at Stanley Milgram (banyard, 2012, p.69) and his work on the obedience studies and the replication studies that followed. Second, we will be looking at research on friendship by Bigelow and La Gaipa (1975) and the role technology has influenced the way people engage with their friends. Third, we will be looking at research on the structure and functions of the brain, and the ways of studying the brain which is made possible by advances in technology. Finishing with the different types of treatments used on stroke patients which are not as reliant on technology.

To start off the discussion on the claim that technology has played a decisive role in psychological research, we will look at a social psychologist called Stanley Milgram who used technology to conduct his obedience studies. Stanley Milgram was one of the most productive social psychologists of his generation and is largely remembered for one of his pieces of work called the obedience studies. The study involved using a generator. The generator consisted of a row of switches that started at 15 volts and ended at 450 volts (Banyard,…

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