Technology In Psychology

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‘Discuss the claim that technology has played a decisive role in the development of psychological research.’
Most people would agree that the world of technology expanded very much in recent years. Nevertheless, technology always contributed to the development of society, education and not less in psychological research. New modern technology transforming research investigation gradually, helping to improve our understanding and allows to gather the evidence in an effective way. The influence by technological advancement is wide raging. The most popular internet invention changes young population and their communication habits. Their interaction with friends has a new sophisticated dimension. The scientific contribution and the invention of
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They can study how it works, what parts are linked to different issues and different problems. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as an advanced technology allowed us very carefully to control the experiment with live participants in non-invasive way. Numerous images of brain offers opportunity to look at fine details at the deeper structure of the brain without surgical intervention. While MRI is all about the structure of the brain another modern technics are known as functional brain imaging (fMRI) which investigates the activity of the brain.
Furthermore, the benefits of new technology has been used in term of health and treatment. Precisely, in the case of stroke patients and their long way of recovery. Stroke patients enriched the knowledge of psychologist in terms of the link between the brain and psychological function. Visible symptoms, such speech impairments, vision restrictions created basement for the localisation of functions which helped to detect affected areas of
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The technology has provided the new opportunities for researchers to improve their old methods for study of obedience and successfully overcome many ethical issues. As well as monitoring all aspects of brain and how they are link to different issues and different problems. Yet, despite this contribution more research need to be done in connection with internet addiction and children’s interaction with their peers. There are no doubts that continuing growth in technology advancement will go along with further development of psychological research in the

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