Technology Has Changed The Face Of Warfare Essay

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Technology in Warfare Wars have been fought since the beginning of time. The first wars were fought by hand with no tools or weapons, then over time more weapons were created and being used to fight with. In the years since World War 2 technology has been evolving rapidly from new weapons to media involvement in warfare. Technology has changed the face of warfare. And it will keep changing for the foreseeable future as long as new types of technologies emerge in the world. Sir Michael Howard, a war veteran himself, simply answers the question of How much can technology change warfare? by stating “quite a lot.” Those three words speak volumes of the effects technology has in warfare. As Alex Roldan states in his article “War and Technology”, “Technology shapes warfare, not war.” Technology is defined as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. That is the most basic and widely used definition of the word technology, but it can be easily seen how the definition can be changed to making it appropriate for the use of technology in warfare. When people think of technology they think of cell phones, computers, televisions, and other forms of technology that they can physically see and use as part of their everyday lives. When technology and war end up in the same sentence people think guns, tanks, and maybe nuclear weapons as well. People underestimate the fact that whatever someone can think up in their mind and can use technology…

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