Technology Has An Effect On Us? Essay

1498 Words Mar 17th, 2016 null Page
As the world grows many things grow also. Technology is one of many things that is always evolving. Technology has swept over the world and is a main inhabitant of everyday life. Does this use of technology have an effect on us? Is this effect good or bad? Many questions similar to these exist and some have been answered. Technology makes a person lonely when its use is the majority of a person’s social life. The use of technology ranges based on the technology used and how the user wishes to use the technology. For example, a person may use a cell phone to text a friend while another person may use the cell phone to research information online for a research paper. Likewise, a person may get information for a research paper on a computer while another person could be in an online chat group. Cell phones have become a major technological piece of life. The main purpose of a cell phone is to talk and text others. Updates to the cell phone have caused many new uses and people now use smart phones for everything because they have the ability to search information on the Internet and play games. Phones are also taken everywhere to make sure the user can always be connected to their virtual lives. “Consider all of the times that a phone is carried, even for the short trip to the restroom or the journey downstairs for a bag of chips. People simply cannot go anywhere without having their cell phones” (Hall.) Applications, or apps, have become influential in smart phone use. With…

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