Technology During The Han Dynasty And The Roman Empire

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As technology advanced during the Han dynasty and the Roman empire, it was met with mixed feelings. Technology was used by both the Chinese and Romans, although Romans believed that technology was necessary, some viewed craftsmen were not people with enlightened minds.The Chinese had a very opened view and embraced technology; the Han government even regulated the production of certain tools. Many Chinese supported technology because it helped the common people and was crucial to their success; due to the dramatic class divisions of the Romans, some did not believe technology to be gentleman-like while others supported technology for aesthetic and practical reasons. Documents 1,2, 3, 4, and 6 support technology while documents 5 and 7 understand …show more content…
In document 1, the Han Government official gave instructions on how to prevent flooding. This shows the officials and the government 's willingness to support the advancement and use of technology in order to benefit the common people.The Han government official may have written the instructions because of a lack of prevention methods. In document 2, a Han government official, by the name of Huan Guan, was against the production Han dynasty produced tools because it was an ineffective method. Huan Guan did not oppose technology; he opposed the government monopolizing technology and making inferior tools. Huan Guan believed that the government should fix the issues of the poor tool quality by letting the peasants use the tools they make in their homes. Huan Tan, an upper-class Han philosopher, from document 3, supports technology. He discusses the advancements of the pestle and mortar in a positive light and supports it because of how innovations have made it even more effective. His position as a high official shows how the wealthy felt about technology. He believed that technology was a gift and should be respected. Documents 4 is from, History of the Early Han Dynasty, which was sponsored by the Han government. In a government-sponsored text, it is oftentimes biased to make the government seem like it was exceptional. In the book, they discuss how emperor Tu Shih used technology to make work easier for the common folk. By the officials, including Tu Shih, they express their positive feelings towards technology. Document 6 came from a Greek-born, Roman citizen named Plutarch. His positive tone for the Gaius Gracchus works in road building show that he was an advocate for technology being used for aesthetic reasons. His Greek background may have influenced this because the Greeks had a positive outlook on the use of technology, which can be seen in their buildings and art. The Roman general, from

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