Technology Can Be Very Liberating For Kids Who Are Exceptional

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Technology can be very liberating for kids who are exceptional. By gaining an understanding of Instructional Technology as well as Assistive Technology educators will be able to recognize how they are both beneficial to student with disabilities.
Assistive technology is defined as, “any device, piece of equipment or system that helps bypass, work around or compensate for an individual 's specific learning deficits.” (Stanberry & Raskind, 2009, para.4) A.T. is any equipment used to help someone with a disability complete daily tasks. A.T. enable children with disabilities to work more independently in their environment. The use of Assistive Technology proves to be helpful in improving exceptional children quality of life.
There are different types of Assistive Technology devices. Assistive Tech. devices can be classified from a low-tech device to devices that are high-tech. Low-Tech are non-electronical devices. Assistive Technology low-tech devices includes items such as adaptive spoons handles, story boards, and picture boards. Middle-Tech devices are simple electronic devices. Middle-tech devices consist of items such as manual wheel chairs, audio books, and word processors. The final type of A.T. device are high-tech devices. High tech Devices are more of the advance electronic devices. Communication support, voice recognition programs, and mobility technology, are some examples of high-tech A.T. devices. Whether it’s a low-tech or a high-tech, or somewhere in the…

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