Technology And The Welding Of Robots Essay

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This paper entails the developments in the welding of robots. It is a research paper that discusses the various processes in which robots are made. The types of welding that are applied to do so are also discussed. They include spot welding, arch welding, just to name a few. Research conducted in the past few years, show that modernization and increased technological advances have created a wider range of robot developments. All of these features will be discussed in this paper in details

Introduction Welding is the process of joining two metals together by raising the temperature of one of the metals slightly higher than the other if it is different materials or same temperature for different materials. This is done by slightly melting the interface of the two metals, merging them and cooling them. The welding of robots is currently one of the interesting technologies. It is applied in major industrial robot construction companies. The first robot was introduced into the market in the early 1960’s and was used for machine tending and material transfer. Over the years, developments have been made to improve on this prototype. Much of the developments have been based on the robot equipment, software and the welding equipment which would meet the different type of challenges encountered in the application area (Bolmsjö, Olsson and Cederberg 3).
The overall developments in drive systems, mechanics, electronics and computers has added to complexity and…

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