Essay about Technology And The On Alien Technology

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A passionate scientist whose career is stagnating is offered a job tracking down alien technology that puts his life in danger.

Wormhole Leak presents as an original, proposed sci-fi action-adventure pilot. The goal of the pilot is clear: find lost alien technology. The stakes are fairly high given the consequences and havoc that the lost weapons could cause if found in the wrong hands.
The pilot offers a likable protagonist in Caspar. He’s a man who loves being a scientist, but his career hasn’t quite gone the way he wants. He’s given an opportunity to help aliens, which eventually he agrees to.
The teaser effectively establishes this original world - a secret world with alien technology hiding in plain sight of our present day world.

The premise for the entire series centers on the idea that the central character of Caspar will hunt for missing alien technology each week. The series poses the moral question about the use of technology and the consequences of advanced technology, especially when it falls into immoral hands.
While there’s definite strengths to the pilot, overall, the pilot would benefit from more development in the areas of the structure, clarification, and the tone, as well as continued character development, especially the dialogue.
The pilot is divided in a teaser and several acts. The opening establishes the sci-fi world and the main dilemma of the pilot: a missing immaterializer. It’s clear that this is an important device as it…

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