Technology And The Modern Relationship Essay

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Technology And The Modern Relationship

I remember how I felt when I got a postcard from my best friend in 3rd grade. She was in London at the time and I’d missed her terribly at school. Back then, there was no such thing as texting or Facebook, just patiently waiting by the phone and constantly checking the mailbox at the end of your street. When that postcard came, I remember feeling absolutely elated seeing her handwriting and reading about her adventures. Nothing will ever replace the feeling of getting a handwritten letter from someone you love, especially nowadays since the chances of anyone taking the time to write an actual letter, buy a book of stamps and send it in the mail is so rare. The idea if a “pen pal” is long deceased in this digital age, since you can virtually reach anyone around the world and strike up a conversation if you wanted to. Growing up right on the cusp of the “technology boom” and the life-changing reveal of the iPhone, I still have a vague memory of what life was like without these tiny pocket computers taking up most of our daily lives. I remember imaginatively playing in the backyard with my older brother for hours, never wanting to come inside the house. I remember the nerves of calling a friend and worrying about one of the parents picking up the phone, then spending the entire call wondering if anyone was listening in on another line. I remember board game nights and ping pong matches and dancing to the handheld radio at midnight when…

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