Technology And The Computer Network Essay

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The computer network provides link to the every computing devices around the world. Its early history begins in 1973 with the US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency or DARPA initiate a research program that would allow them to communicate and interlink packets of networks of any kinds. It was the birth of the internet although it was in 1960 where the first commercial modem was designed by AT&T and later on in 1996 were the first 56k modem was invented by Dr. Brent Townshend. (Roberts, 2013)In 1973 the Ethernet was devised by Robert Metcalfe which showed interconnection of branched cable, telephone and ratio ethers which we know now as the internet.

Networking Capabilities

Networking capabilities originally started as a series of connecting computers within a small room or between two computers which then grew to locally connected computers and the wide area network where it became the internet. The modem was once the only way to connect to the internet during the early years of the networks with speed ranging from 14.4kbps to 56kbps. Today, networking has spurred into different devices and even connects without wires and travels to many distances and connects almost anything seamlessly. The current networking capabilities also offer different data to be able to send and receive over network technologies with different speed. The most common speed labels are now classified into cable internet, broadband and DSL connections, fiber…

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