Technology And Technology As A Problem Essay

1106 Words Jan 9th, 2016 5 Pages
It’s the future and you see everyone with a type of technology around them. We see holograms, flying cars, and everyone in the same type of clothing. This is usually seen in movies and books, but are we already living in that vision of the future? The technology everyone has are from phones to computers, but it seems people depend on it more than usual. People have screens that can give an answer in mere minutes and communication doesn’t happen face to face that often. In this generation, everyone seems to have a dependency on technology as we look for entertainment on our phones and computers. Technology has sprung to make life much easier and smarter, but too much can lead to technology dependency as a problem. When people use technology in a classroom, they see it as a helpful opportunity to make learning easier and faster. It’s like the scene in Arthur where the character Brain, as a teacher, plugs in a disc and sends waves to his students that immediately understand what the lesson was about. This of course isn’t exactly how technology works, but it’s relevantly close. Nowadays students can easily get an answer using the search engine, Google, instead of a lesson taught in school. This seems out of reach when every answer can be found in the internet and makes it like a lifesaver for projects and homework. Instead of students using things like textbooks or library books to read about a subject, the internet is their savior. The internet has replaced things like modern…

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