Essay on Technology And Its Impact On Society

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“Party like it’s 1999.” This celebratory anthem swept across the globe at the close of the millennium, at the same time signifying the end of the first one thousand years Anno Domini, and anticipating the seemingly endless possibilities for humanity in its next thousand years on Earth. 1999 would close a thousand-year history that included the rise and fall of the powerful empires, religious crusades and persecutions, the discovery and conquest of a New World, independence movements, bouts against social injustice, and a rise of unprecedented technological advances in the latter stages of the 1900s. The advance in technology relates to a drastic rise in technological dependence that swept across the globe predominately beginning in the post-World War II era.
Technology plays a major role in interpersonal relations, and has done so for most of human history. The influence of technology impact transportation, communication, commerce, food and water distribution, energy, and many other features of daily life. With the commencement of computer programing, technology continued to shrink the world as interactions could now span the width of the globe in an instant. Relying on technology, however, cut the party to end the millennium short in the waning hours of 1999. All eyes fell on the infrastructure that had become a part of daily life in the United States and on a global scale. As the New Year approached, fear of the Year 2000 Problem consumed the minds of people as the final…

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