Essay about Technology And Children 's Behavior

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Technology and children’s behavior My little cousin who is two and a half years old has some behavior problems, at least from my perspective. In the past three months I have been more closely in touch with her and noticed that her behavior is not common, or at least it is not like of most kids I know. Once you meet her the first thing you notice is that she wants to have control over people. She often yells ‘shut up’ repeatedly when people are talking and she wants to talk or wants someone’s attention. She also does not like it when people try to kiss her, her mom, dad or brother. She starts yelling too and sometimes it even leads to hitting people. At the beginning I did not pay a lot of attention because I believe it is up to the parents to raise their children however they want. Her parents, especially her mom, believe that her behavior is that way because of her age and that it will change once she reaches another stage so that is why they are not that strict with her. However, the more time I spend with her I realize that I goes more deeply than just the effects of the age. For any toddler girl it is quite common to like girly things such as Barbies or princesses. April does not like Barbies, but has an obsession with princesses. I do not know how it all started but she loves and knows the names of all Disney princesses. Her parents encourage this obsession, but I do not think they have yet realized that it is somehow a fixation. She has most of the princesses dolls…

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