Techniques Used For The Collection Of Data Essay

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The techniques used for the collection of data: qualitative. This approach will aid in interpretation of data gathered in the research, (, 2015) stated that this approach help to:
- Generate ideas for improvements and/or extensions of a product, line, or brand
- Compare variables
- Identify customer needs
- Understanding perceptions of a company, brand, category and product
- Uncover potential strategic directions for branding or communications programs
The researcher enquiries about, how effective operations management can improve business performances the use of theory and first-hand data will be used as supporting evidence. Parkinson and Drislane (2011) define qualitative research as a “research method using methods such as participant observation or case studies which result in narrative or a descriptive account of a settings or practice.” The qualitative method will be used because it enables the collection,” discussion, recording of business people 's attitudes, feelings and behaviors in greater depth than the quantitative approach”(Sommers.2015) Moreover , Qualitative methods that will be used include questionnaire and interviews, due, to the fact that this approach interprets data and analyses words and ideas which will provide clarity and “richness” to the researcher findings. a qualitative approach has the highlight that effective practice will result in achieving successful results, it also investigate the challenges the organization faces, as well…

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