Techniques And Methods Of Irrigation Systems And Terraces Were Implemented

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Techniques and methods besides irrigation systems and terraces were implemented. However, methods like slash and burn agriculture, which is where forests are clear cut and the vegetation remaining is burned for agricultural cultivation. After years of farming the land, it is left to be fallow until the soils regenerate. Slash and burn agriculture can be a viable source of food production assuming the soil and land has been restored with nutrients. Although this practice is unsustainable and widely used in ancient worlds, nevertheless, it still thrives in parts of India. The practice of slash and burn is necessary for their survival in India, the rolling hill tops provide little fertile land and appropriate scientific tactics can reach to those remote areas. Yet, they still have to incorporate this practice in order to maintain subsistence for entire populations ( Indian Academy of Science, 2012).
Looking into the future of agriculture and the food production of billions of people, shifting to longer lasting soil practices and the preservation of fertile land might be the best option for the generations to be come. Even though slash and burn techniques are necessary to the current food production phasing out unsustainable techniques will pay off in the long run. The steps to working past or improving slash and burn techniques will be difficult for the reason that most of the people benefitting from slash and burn techniques live in remote areas of developing countries where…

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