Technical Specification, Business Analysis Course Is Needed For Me

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1. The following are two or three personal goals for the course/semester. Why?
• To learn the techniques and procedures of Business Analysis.
• To learn how to communicate effectively and make sure my objective is clear to my colleagues and practitioners.
• As a software QA engineer in my first organization, I had the opportunity to deal with clients and take their requirements and do documentation. In my second company I was purely into writing test cases by referring the Business requirement document which made me to get into Business Analysis. In order to know all the techniques and to translate client’s requirement into technical specification, Business Analysis course is needed for me. By getting International education in the developed country in Information Technology I feel I’ll get education with experience in this field.
• The main objective of Business Analyst is effective communication. Communication with the Business stakeholders and also with the Project technical team. Communication language will vary when discussing with Stakeholders and also when explaining to technical team so through this course I want to learn the technique to communicate with peoples of Business and Information Technology categories.

2. I feel this class (soft-skills) may contribute to my success as a business analyst because…
My second goal of effective communication can be developed through this soft skill and the feedbacks with criticism is very helpful in developing my…

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