Team Building Essay

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Team Building - A Complete Guide (An excerpt)

Team Dynamics
How they affect performance

Team Building Activities
A list of ideas that can help you plan your event.

Team Building Stages: Forming, Storming,
Norming, Performing

Choosing Exercises
How to choose the right activities for your event

Corporate Events
Planning and running large-scale awaydays.

Team Performance Management (TPM)
Various methodologies that can be used to improve collective performance.

Detail of one specific TPM technique. • For a basic introduction to team building, read this page.
• To assess how well your team is working, complete our team building questionnaire
• To select a team building activity for your
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Establishing shared goals and engendering commitment requires a particular set of skills that are more often associated with a transformational rather than transactional style of leadership. There is a frequent mistake made by transactional leaders think that if they have a group of self-motivated individuals then they do not need to engage in this type of work. However, this often leads to a pseudo-team - one that appears to be Performing but, beneath the veneer, it is only Forming. That is, the members are very effective at delivering their own goals, but they fail to capitalise on the potential of working collectively, they fail to exploit the "whole that is greater than the sum of the parts".
Another frequent mistake is to fail to appreciate the important difference between supporting others in the achievement of their goals with the commitment to a shared goal. Whilst the former can be an important component of teamwork, genuine teamwork involves capitalising on collective potential, rather than just maximising individual performance.
Once the foundation of commitment to shared goals has been established, there are many approaches that can be taken to improving teamwork. More information on these approaches can be found in our article on the choice of teamwork exercises. However, underpinning all these approaches is always the shared goal, and a

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