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BUILDING A DYNAMIC TEAM ESTABLISH AN AGREEMENT FOR SUCCESS Included with this Participant workbook are the following guidebooks, published by Richard Chang Associates, Inc. • Building A Dynamic Team • Measuring Team Performance Establishing teams is not a cure-all success formula for organizations. Teams will be successful only to the extent that they have a clear purpose, apply elements of high performance teamwork, and can produce measurable results. The goal of this session

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Creating And Using Team Agreements (cont.)

Why Create A
Team Agreement?

It may seem time consuming or bureaucratic to create this kind of
document, yet the most common problem with most teams is a lack
of clear direction.
The Team Agreement creates alignment on the team from the start
by accomplishing these objectives:

Clarify scope, goals, and team objectives.

Ensure alignment with strategic business objectives.

Agree on roles, responsibilities, and time commitments.

The Team Agreement is critical if you want to drive your team
toward high performance.

Process To
Create The
Team Agreement

When developing a Team Agreement, the team should work
through the following steps—spearheaded by the team leader.
1. The team leader and team sponsor meet to discuss the shared
view of “big picture” issues that impact your team. Questions
to address include:

What is the purpose and goal of the team?

What are the desired outcomes?

How will we know the team was successful?

2. The team leader and a couple of team members meet with
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