Teaching Perspectives Inventory ( Tpi ) Essay

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No matter what global problem you are dreading, whether it’s the elimination of poverty, whether it’s the creation of peace, whether it’s solving environmental energy problems, the solution — whatever it is — multiple solutions always include education, never is it without an education component and sometimes cannot be done without education. (Negroponte, N. 2006)

We live in a time of sweeping changes fraught with peril, but not without opportunity. I have the conviction that education is life, a never-ending and ever-changing process to provide for the fullest personal and professional development of every learner for living morally and productively; developing sound decisions based on global perspective; addressing the inevitable conflicts; and contributing to the progress of our society. Taking the Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI) provided valuable insights of my personality as an educator and offered vantage points from which I could discern and reevaluate my belief, intentions and actions on teaching. In addition, it gives the clearer understanding of our roles, relationship and responsibility to our students.

All teachers possess all five of the teaching perspectives at a varying effect. No one is a one learning perspective. (Pratt. ) As revealed, my profile is somewhat flat with apprenticeship, nurturing and social reform as dominant perspectives, with beliefs, intentions and actions aligned with each other while transmission and development as recessive, with…

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