Essay on Teaching Of Acts 2 : 22-47, You And Your Wife

1237 Words Nov 13th, 2015 null Page
Last time we study together, you acknowledged that you were saved before baptism, but then, after we examined carefully the teaching of Acts 2:22-47, you and your wife came to the conclusion that the way you were saved is not in accordance with what Acts 2 teaches. You even acknowledged the fact that your sins had not been forgiven, because you did not obey the Gospel of Christ the way the Jews obeyed it in this passage. I went ahead and asked you whether you wanted to obey the Gospel the right way, but then you indicated that you wanted to study more about this subject and had some questions you wanted to ask your pastor at church. I am writing this letter because I am really concerned about your salvation and that of your family as well. I don’t know if you had time to ask your pastor about the things we study. I hope and pray that you took the time to further examine the information we studied. My wife and I talk a lot about you and the potential you have to serve God in His kingdom. We would like to see you and your wife in a saved condition, and we strongly believe you can do so, since you are very smart and willing to listen to what the Bible teaches. I pray to God that you will prayerfully consider obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ so that you and your wife may have the opportunity to enjoy the many blessings we find in Jesus Christ (Eph 1:3). I trust that you will be honest with what the Bible teaches on the subject of baptism for the forgiveness of sins. I also…

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