Teaching Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Essay

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1) Name and describe the three major educational approaches to teaching deaf and hard-of-hearing children.
For students who are deaf and hard of hearing teachers use the following approaches: oral/aural approach, auditory learning, speech reading, and cued speech.
In oral/aural approach, speech is essential as it forms the function with the hearing world. The training in producing and understanding speech and language is incorporated into virtually all aspects of the child’s education. Moreover, auditory, visual and tactile methods of input are frequently used.
In auditory learning, auditory training for young children with hearing loss begins by teaching the sound awareness. According to this approach, the focus is on teaching the child to learn to listen and to learn by listening instead of simply learning to hear. Based on this, the auditory-verbal therapy trains the student to use hearing to recognize sounds and words without looking at the speaker’s lips.
A different approach is speechreading; Speechreading is the process of understanding a spoken message by observing the speaker’s lip movements, facial expressions and body gestures. However, it is difficult to understand words through this process as many of them have the same pronunciation. Despite this, speech reading can be a valuable tool for deaf or hard of hearing people as this can enhance their communication skills.
Last, cued speech is a method that supplements oral communication with a visual system of hand…

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