Teaching Aspect Of The Call Project Essay

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Focusing on the teaching aspect of the CALL project, it was vital that certain criteria was met and fulfilled as it is an important method of presenting a new language for learners. From teaching previously, relating the target language to a realistic situation is beneficial. As Swartz & Yazdani (2012:224) says, 'presenting vocabulary in realistic situations provides learners with a rich context that provides adequate semantic information ' and this was considered when collecting examples from a corpus to illuminate key words. When choosing the words to teach, ten were assigned and another ten were chosen. These words did not include the 2000 most frequent English words known, this is because learners at an intermediate to advanced level are likely to know and understand these. Sökmen (1997:145) claims that for teachers, 'the more words a learner knows, the less frequently occurring are the next words he or she needs to learn ' and therefore a subset of colloquialisms and neologisms were decided as, in everyday context, learners particularly of a young age are more likely to encounter these terms and would benefit from understanding the meaning. As learners generally learn standard English, the theory was to incorporate informal terminology which would be beneficial. The words chosen were relatively similar to the provided ten words and fit the categories of; verb, adjective, noun and adverb, therefore evenly distributed. As there was knowledge in the group of the…

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