Essay about Teaching Approaches For Teachers And Students

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There are many programs in education that focus in providing different teaching approaches that are intended to lead to greater student achievement and teacher success. In addition, teachers have to increase their knowledge and professional growth by taking classes on-line, communicating with other professionals and attending workshops in schools or universities. There are many goals that I have accomplished in this program and I can assure that I have acquired positive results from every single goal. Personally, I feel that I still need to work on some other areas of need such as how to communicate effectively with teachers and students. The outcome of each goal made me reflect on what I need to change as an educator and as a coach mainly to make a difference in student learning. For this reason, I still need to acquire more knowledge to foster my teacher development related to the area of specialization, take additional on-line classes to enhance my professional growth and support social change in my educational setting.
My coursework that I have accomplished so far, has contributed to my achievement of many outcomes in several positive ways. Taking all these classes in this program took me to learn new skills, teaching strategies, and theories of teaching. I see education with a new different perspective on how to communicate with teachers and students in a productive manner. In addition, I went through coaching experiences with collaborative colleagues using effective…

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