Teachers Are The Backbone Of The Learning Process At Any And Every Degree Of Learning

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Teachers are the backbone of the learning process at any and every degree of learning. Students rely on teachers to relay information in a manner that makes the subject comprehensible and beneficial; however, the quality of teachers a student may experience in his or her tenure of learning may greatly vary. Each teacher has certain qualities that separate them into classifications of productivity. A teacher’s ability to produce a productive learning environment and influence a student can have a direct impact on the success of his or her student’s learning interest. Teachers are supposed to be the window to a student’s learning: however, students sometimes encounter instructors known as “The Wasters.” These “Wasters”, are the teachers that obtain nonexistent teaching skills and are not dedicated to relaying the learning process. Often, the classes taught by these instructors have no meaningful work assigned to them, so the students will be staring at the ceiling, playing on their phones, or talking to other classmates. These type of instructors waste a student’s time by offering zero chances for knowledge to be gained by the pupil; furthermore, this is also hazardous to a student, because it causes the student’s knowledge of the subject to not be as potent as it should be. Nevertheless, more than this classification of negligent teacher subsist in the education system. A classification of teachers exists that believe the greater amount of rigorous work they assign…

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